Ming Chyi Biotechnology Ltd.

MCB was initially established in 1987 as a spray dryer industrial consultancy & design company, and has since then grown into a leading manufacturer of nutraceutical ingredient powders, specializing in the field of food standard lipid powders & specialty powder ingredients.

Many of our innovative production procedures and drying technologies were patented with national certifications.  With our current product distribution network covering worldwide and cooperation with numerous global ingredient solution providers.

Our research and development expertise allows us to offer variety of ingredient powders of application within fields of nutraceutical, healthy food, and general food markets. Moreover, we can cater all types of spray dry contract manufacturing requirements, and assist our client in formulation developments of variety of ingredient powders or end products.

Our manufacturing process and product quality is under strict quality and assurance guidelines under certification of ISO22000, HACCP and HALAL.