Micro-encapsulated MCT Oil Powder

What is MCTsolutions™ ? (MCT Oil Powder/ MCT Oil)

MCB is a leading & innovative nutritional fat powder (MUFA/PUFA/Specialty) manufacturer involved in a wide range of nutritional fat powder ingredients to improve health, performance, and productivity.

Through consistent high standard of safety and quality, we deliver MCTSOLUTIONSTM,  complete series of Coconut MCT oil powders/ MCT oil application. It is a one stop shop solution of  premium MCT oil powder in the market  for different applications such as keto diet, sports nutrition, functional meal replacement, and other nutritional products, etc.

MCB is exporting the MCT oil powder to more than 20 countries, the MCT oil powder from them is the first, and only with the international patent of “Micro-Encapsulation” technology for selective digestion, and anti-oxidant protection. The pure coconut MCT oil powder is dispersed well in the water.