OMEGAWISE™ – Multi-layer Micro-encapsulated Omega-3 Algae Oil Powder

For a DHA supplement, have you considered algal oil? Most people know that fish oil is a rich source of DHA, but actually fish acquires DHA from microalgae in the food chain. As DHA in algae oil is nature and pure, it was rapidly and widely accepted by the market.

DHA is an essential fatty acid for the human body and must be supplied from the diet. DHA is one of the few nutrients able to cross blood brain barrier. Also, it can soften cell membranes to facilitate neurotransmission, agile and flexible thinking, blood circulation, and provide nutrition supplement to the brain.

With high consciousness for health care and rise of vegan/vegetarian diet, MCB is committed to the research and development of vegan formulas. We successfully launched the world-class vegan algae oil powder and became the market pioneer of vegan DHA.

OMEGAWISETM algae oil powder is sourced from nature marine microalgae schizochytrium and with MCB patented multi-layer micro-encapsulation technology, we can offer highly stable and anti-oxidant DHA algae oil powder. Powder form allows the creation of more extensive product applications, therefore, the stability and anti-oxidation ability are very important and crucial of a algae oil powder product.